Put simply, we love what we do, and we’re really good at our job.  If there’s a way to get you the loan you want, we will make it happen.  And with over 60 years combined experience, we get the job done better than anyone else.

The Team

Bruce Levy

After 26 years in the business, Bruce Levy has realized two things:

  1.  He loves what he does.
  2.  He’s good at it.

As a young man, Bruce was always enamored of all-things-houses, from architecture to real estate and everything in between.  Today, Bruce uses his creativity and sophisticated knowledge of the lending market to find the perfect loan for his clients.  The stakes are high.  Our home is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make.  Not only that, it’s the biggest source of pride that most of us will ever take in a material possession.  For Bruce, lending represents a great opportunity and a great responsibility. 


  1. Bruce is a California Native.
  2. He got his start in the loan business selling car loans with his father.
  3. He used to work for Deloitte as a CPA.  He quit because he hated the lack of creativity.
  4. Bruce went to night school for 6 years in order to become a loan officer and get his MBA in Real Estate Finance.
  5. He loves being a loan advisor because he can find creative solutions to problems that impact people’s lives at their very core.
  6. He wants you to know that his clients are his friends, and his friends are his clients, and that he loves each and every one of them.  Otherwise, what’s the point, right?
  7. Favorite Saying:  “He didn’t have much, but he was proud of what he had.”
  8. Bruce has run multiple marathons, several with his son.
  9. He can thoroughly appreciate a good breakfast pizza.
  10. Bruce does what he does because he loves seeing the sense of pride and self-confidence that comes with buying a home.



Rocky Paulson

Quality Control / Processing / Underwriting

Rocky was born and raised in Southern California. He has 30+ years of experience in the mortgage industry. As a wholesale representative for 10 of those years, he developed a keen understanding and vital experience working side by side with underwriters and funders. In this capacity he represented brokers, which included providing their mortgage product training.

With Custom Financial Services, Rocky utilizes his in-depth knowledge of the lending process to help you, the consumer, reach your goals in obtaining a low-cost mortgage while eliminating the frustration of working with inexperienced agents.

Professional, knowledgeable, experienced, calm, honest, efficient and integrity are all words which characterize working with Rocky and Custom Financial Services to obtain your real estate financing.